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Linda Joy Singleton
With plots involving twins, cheerleaders, ghosts, psychics and clones, Linda Joy Singleton has published over 25 Middle-grade and Young Adult Books. Her REGENERATION series from Berkley Books was chosen by the ALA as a 2001 Quick Pick Choice for reluctant young adult readers. It was also released in foreign and large-print editions, plus it was optioned by Fox for a year. And TWIN AGAIN, the first book in the series, MY SISTER THE GHOST, won the Eppie Award for the best children’s book in 2003. Linda has several series with Llewellyn/Flux: · STRANGE ENCOUNTERS   THE SEER series   DEAD GIRL trilogy   GOTH GIRL Mystery She also has several e-books, most priced under $5: DOUBLE VISION, PHANTOM BOYFRIEND, LOVE POTION, MELISSA’S MISSION IMPOSSIBLE and MAIL-ORDER MONSTER. When she’s not writing, she enjoys life in the country with a barnyard of animals including horses, cats and dogs. She especially loves to hear from readers and speaking at schools and libraries. She collects vintage series books like Nancy Drew, Trixie Belden and Judy Bolton. Some of her current favorite authors are Jeanne DuPrau, Margaret Peterson Haddix, Eva Ibbottson, Bruce Coville, Gordon Korman, Peg Kehret, Nancy Werlin, Joan Bauer, Kathryn Reiss and Suzanne Collins. When Linda is asked why she’d rather write for kids than adults, she says, “I love seeing the world through the heart of a child, where magic is real and every day begins a new adventure. I hope to inspire them to reach for their dreams. Writing for kids is a gift, a responsiblity, and an honor." TEN THINGS YOU PROBABLY DIDN'T KNOW ABOUT ME By Linda Joy Singleton 1. I'm a cat person. I once named a cat Lily after Harry Potter's mother. 2. I collect girl-series books. You can see a video of some on You-Tube. 3. When I was 13 I wrote a fan letter to Margaret Sutton, author of the Judy Bolton series. She came to my high school graduation party and before she died we co-wrote one more Judy mystery, THE TALKING SNOWMAN for fans. 4. I had lasik surgery and feel like I've been given a wonderful gift of vision. 5. I started square dancing at age 13, was in a performing teen round dance group at age 17, and met my husband at a square dance. I have square danced in a bathroom, elevator, on a boat, Big Trees Stump and in the Seattle Space Needle. 6. I got bit by a fish while on a Caribbean cruise. I put the scene in a book -- called it research. 7. I don't care much for dolls, but my mother makes ceramic dolls and her house is like a doll museum. 8. My best friend shares my birthday (10-29). 9. After reading the book Egypt Game by Zilpha Keatly Snyder as a kid, my best friend and I mummified a dead turtle and put it in my mother's freezer. 10. I am a chocoholic. I need help...do NOT send chocolate.
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