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Linda Joy Singleton
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 TEACHER GUIDES: Geography, Science, Maps, Art, Math * DEAD GIRL Series has a Teaching Guide available. Email ljscheer@inreach.com FUN EXERCISES FOR ELEMENTARY KIDS FOR STRANGE ENCOUNTERS Series: CREATE YOUR OWN ALIEN WORLD  1.      Planet Name:_____________________________  2.      Your Alien Name:_________________________  3.      What Do You Look Like?      (How many hands do you have? How many feet?  How many heads?)     4.      What Foods Do You Eat?  (In OH, NO! UFO, Veltura eats pine cones)     5.      Name and Describe The Pets On Your Planet:   6.   Draw Your Planet On The Other Side Of Paper.  (Is it round? Are the oceans filled with jelly and the mountains made of marshmallow? Be Creative!) 7.  Make Up Your Alien Language: Hello     =         ____________________  Goodbye =          ____________________ Friend   =          ____________________ Yes     =         ____________________ Book    =          ____________________ Boy     =         ____________________ Girl      =          ____________________ Happy    =         ____________________ Reading  =          ____________________          Eat       =          ____________________  Say in your own language: I am happy reading books! STRANGE ENCOUNTERS series By Linda Joy Singleton 1. Oh, No! UFO 2. Shamrocked! 3. SEA SWITCH                     www.LindaJoySingleton.com   Activity: Work on Creativity and Self-Esteem    WHAT COLOR IS YOUR DOODLEZAP?  In OH, NO! UFO, Cassie learns about Doodlezapps.   A white marble shot out like a high-powered spitball, joining a pile of multicolored  marbles in the basket.      “Look!” With a gleeful cry, the alien girl swooped over and plucked the white marble from the basket.  “Your doodlezapp is clear white.  That means you are very curious and preceptive.”      “Doodlezapp? What’s that?” Cassie asks.      “A copy of your brain.”  * For an activity ask students what color their    doodlezapps would be and what this color means.   * Create a list of doodlezapp colors and meanings.   * Discuss personality traits and individual strengths.     Encourage acceptance of personal differences.   * Discuss meanings behind colors and how colors    influence people.  * The alien girl says that on her planet they play    marbles with doodlezapps.  Ask kids to make a list of    useful things to do with doodlezapps.  Geography, Science, Math    The Strange family travels to real places to solve    mysteries based on true happenings.     Suggested Activities:  ·        Study the history of Mount Shasta, one of the highest mountains in the world. Discuss legends of magical happenings around this mystical mountain. What events in SHAMROCKED were based on actual legends?  ·        Cassie sees a giant crystal on display in a (factual) store in Mount Shasta.  This crystal is worth half a million dollars.  Discuss crystals and other rocks.  ·        The Strange family travels from Sacramento to three different locations (Northern CA, Mount Shasta and Newport Oregon).  Chart their trip on a map and calculate the miles traveled. (Math)  ·        While in Newport, Oregon, the Strange family visits Ripley’s Museum where the Fiji Mermaid is on display.  This “real” fake is half fish and half monkey. Discuss “fake” and “real”.  What strange things would students like to see in an oddity museum?  Write essay or discuss.  ·        Maps are important in SHAMROCKED.  There are three maps in the story; one Lucas draws, one created by Hank and one Cassie uses for a treasure hunt game party.  Have students create their own games and maps.  ·        In SEA SWITCH, Cassie is punished picking up after endangered prehistoric sea creatures.  Draw pictures and discuss these extinct sea creatures.
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