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Welcome to the Curious Cat Spy Club
 For Kids * Become an associate member of the CCSC * Email for a free spy pack with games, secret code, your club title, a list of how kids can help animals, and more. 
Teachers & Librarians * Request spy pack for students. *Choose CCSC for you book club & receive spy packs plus a signed book for your classroom/library. *CCSC series encourages kids to become activists for animals and teaches responsible animal care. *Free 20 min Skype.
Cryptogram hint: The first word is look.
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In the CCCS series, three kids help animals by finding lost pets, donating to the Humane Society and volunteering for animal fundraisers. Here are some other ways kids can be activists for animals.      FIVE Ways Kids Can Help Animals:       1. Encourage their parents to foster pets.       2. Be sure your pets are spayed & neutered.       3. Recycle—it saves wild animal habitats.       4. Do a fundraiser for an animal organization.       5. Read animal books for information & fun. QUESTION FOR KID READERS:  Can you think of ways that YOU can help animals?