Picture Books

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Crane & Crane


A sandhill crane lifts a stick. A construction crane lifts a log. The two cranes grab, stretch, and stack, working through bad weather and difficult obstacles toward their end goal: building a home for a new family. 

Lucy Loves Goosey

Picture book, Lucy Loves Goosey

When Goosey tells Lucy that they can't be sisters because she's a goose and Lucy is a dog, Lucy tries to prove that she's a goose, too!

A Cat is Better

Picture book, A Cat is Better

What makes cats better than dogs? Is it how gracefully they leap through the air? How much smarter they are than dogs? How much more musical and cleaner they are? Or is it how good they are at making you think they're all these things?

Ca$h Cat

Picture book, Cash Kat

Gram Hatter and Kat set off on an adventure. Volunteering turns into a treasure hunt as Kat finds pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters and even a dollar.  When Kat adds up her money, there is enough for ice cream. Or should she donate the money to support the park instead?

Sand Dog, Snow Dog

Picture book, Snow Dog, Sand Dog

What would you do if you were allergic but really wanted a dog? In this whimsical picture book, a young girl uses her crafty nature and imagination to create four-legged friends each season as the weather changes

Shhh, it's a Secret


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