Young Adult Novels

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The Seer Series

The Seer Series Young Adult Novels

 Sabine the psychic and Dominic the animal intuitive - a match made in series heaven! Six books plus 3 bonus short stories: Dominic’s Volcano, Dark Lifer’s Revenge and Phantom of the Prom.

Dead Girl Series

Dead Girl Series, Young Adult Novels

When Goosey tells Lucy that they can't be sisters because she's a goose and Lucy is a dog, Lucy tries to prove that she's a goose, too!

Memory Girl

Memory Girl, a Young Adult novel

In ShareHaven, death is not the end. Centuries  ago the ShareHaven Scientists discovered  how to harvest a person’s memories and  transplant them into another body.

Dark Lifer's Revenge

The Dark Lifer's Revenge by Linda Joy Singleton.

Sabine Rose from The Seer series teams up with Amber Borden from the Dead Girl series in this exciting short story.

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Young adult novel, Buried, by Linda Joy Singleton.

Thorn Matthews is a Finder, a person with the psychic ability to find things just by touching an object. The visions she gets from objects―events and memories―are what guide her to the things that need to be found