Strange Encounters Series

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Oh No! UFO! #1

Cassie Strange is the only normal person in her family. Her dad is a TV celebrity who debunks the paranormal in his weekly cable show I Don't Believe It! Her mom is a naturalist who once wore a gown of grass to get her point across. Cassie's genius brother is an aspiring actor who's always in costume. And Amber, Cassie's kid sister, has a secret way of talking to animals

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Shamrocked #2

On assignment to prove leprechauns aren't real for his cable television show, I Don't Believe It!, Cassie's dad takes the Strange family to the Golden Shamrock Resort, which is supposed to be riddled with leprechaun trickery. Hoping to be the envy of her friends by staying at a luxurious spa, Cassie is sorely disappointed to discover her "posh" accommodations include a barn and a catfish-infested pool. 

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Sea Switch #3

Cassie's family is on a beach clean-up expedition in Oregon, and this time Cassie's best friend Rosalie has joined them. The two girls are ecstatic about the vacation and Cassie feels ready to tell Rosalie about her bizarre adventures . . . until Rosalie ditches her to play volleyball with a new friend.    

Hurt and betrayed, Cassie wanders off down the beach and discovers a real mermaid named Galena! Before long, the sneaky sea creature magically tricks Cassie into switching bodies. Missing her family and her legs, Cassie soon learns that life under the sea isn't so great, especially when she's jailed for all of Galena's crimes. If she can't convince Galena's suspicious mermaid friends to help her switch back, Cassie may be stuck as a convicted mermaid for the rest of her life! 

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"Anyone age ten to adult will enjoy this intriguing story. Recommended!" —Vine Voice

"Singleton's zany new series is sure to win middle-grade reader loyalty as strong as that given to her suspenseful and award-winning YA series, The Seer. — Amazon customer